Pneumatic Seed Drills

Pneumatic seed drill can be easily connected to the tractor’s three point hitch system and powered by a cardan shaft connected to the power take-off tractor. The machine is particularly suitable for precision seeding, for multi-purpose use and it is suitable for all kinds of tilled land. The seeding machine is pneumatically operated. The crops such as corn, cotton, sugar, beet, sunflower, chickpea, bean, tomato can be sowed by the special seed discs easily. Pneaumatic seed drill is used especially with the special seed discs and different accessories. And also the interrow distance of the machine is manually adjustable. The operating manuel that includes spare parts list is given to the customer with the machine.


Number of Unitspcs4568
Total Lengthcm300300380600
Total Heightcm160160160160
Total Widthcm200200200200
Distance Beetween Rows (D)cm45×7045×7045×7045×70
Seed Capacitylt40×440×540×640×8
Fertilizer Case Vol.lt175×2175×2220×2320×2
Fertilizer Capacitykg140×2140×2175×2250×2
PTO (Rpm)d/d540540540540
Weight Without Fertilizer Hopperinch80090010501600
Weight With Fertilizer Hopperkg1050115013002100
Weight With Fertilizer Hopperkg1000108012302000
Tire Dimensioninch500×15 6,5/80-15500×15 6,5/80-15500×15 6,5/80-15500×15 6,5/80-15
Min. Hphp708090100