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The contribution of agriculture and agriculture-based sectors to the economy of TURKEY is an indisputable fact. Technological developments in agricultural machinery produced in our country contribute to the high efficiency of our farmers. Parallel to our developing and expanding agricultural potential, the need for agricultural machinery suitable for today’s technology is constantly increasing.

Our company, which was established in 1980 to produce agricultural machinery, continues its efforts to keep up with the development of technology in agriculture, to continuously improve, increase productivity and minimize production costs, with a management approach that puts customer satisfaction above all else.
Our company continues to successfully contribute to the progress of the country’s agriculture with its discreet, participatory, innovative and experienced managers and technical staff, widespread distribution network and conscious customers, who closely follow the technological developments in the agricultural machinery sector.

To present solutions that ensure the satisfaction of our stakeholders in the agricultural machinery sector and the development of our country, both nationally and internationally.

Quality policy

In order to meet the expectations of its customers in the most effective way, Anıl Yatağanlı Agricultural Machinery has adopted the basic principle of developing, producing and presenting its customer-specific products at international standards, taking into account competitive factors such as quality, price, speed and flexibility. For this purpose;

  • In a modern management approach that puts customer satisfaction above everything else,
  • In an efficient, flexible and agile production system equipped with advanced technology,
  • In the light of the philosophy of continuous improvement, it will continue its journey of seeking perfection in its human resources with a team spirit that questions and develops its processes and themselves, without ignoring the interests of the country, society and environment.

To be a leading brand in the agricultural machinery sector, following the changes and developments in the world with our products in international standards, our corporate values and our visionary perspective.

Our Corporate Values

  • Our basic capital is our innovative, participatory and proactive human resources that respect universal, social and environmental values.
  • Our main goal is to gain the trust of our customers with our transparent management approach and to ensure the continuity of this trust.
  • Our main priority is to continuously improve our products and processes in line with the expectations of our customers by following the changing dynamics in the world and to ensure satisfaction.





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Why Anıl Yatağanlı


Expert staff in the sector

Our experience, strong staff and technological machinery
We trust our track.

42 years of experience

Founded in 1980, our company is one of the most experienced agricultural machinery manufacturers based in KONYA and we offer our experience to the benefit of our customers.

Investing in technology

By following closely with technological innovation, we always provide quality service by using the most advanced techniques in the sector we are in.

Wide product range

With more than 100 models in 6 main products, we develop our product range in line with your demands and bring you rational solutions and new generation technologies.

High Efficiency

Our primary goal is high efficiency. We shape our entire working system in line with achieving this goal.

Innovative Solutions

We discuss our machines with our expert R&D team according to your demands, and bring you rational solutions and new generation technologies.


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