Hydraulic Rotary Cultivators

Hydraulic Slider Rotary Cultivator is used in orchards, greenhouses and vineyards for preparing the seedling seed-beds and hoeing, it is an environment-friendly machine that helps increase the humus content in the soil by incorporating the plant residues and the organic fertilizer into the soil and it does not make it a necessity to begin a chemical weeding by destroying the weeds mechanically.

The working position is adjusted with a hydraulic remote control by the driver of the tractor. The machine is slide to the depths of the vine stocks and trees with an hydraulic piston to the right of the tractor and the inter-row and above-row parts are processed at the same time thus saving the fuel and time.

The transfer of the motion coming from the power-take-off to the blades is made possible with the gear system; in this way, it makes a savings on the power and the fuel in proportion to the chain system.

The option of a variable speed transmission is available.








Total Width mm 1600 1850 2100 2350 2700
Working Depth mm 200 200 200 200 200
Weight kg 400 465 530 595 660
Total Height mm 1060 1060 1060 1060 1060
Working Depth mm 200 200 200 200 200
Working Width mm 1300 1550 1800 2050 2300
Number of Blade pcs 30 36 42 48 54
Requiered Power hp 35/45 45/50 50/55 55/60 60/70