Hanging Type Armed Sprayer

With the pump parts, chassis and transmission organs of the spraying machines, which are produced completely locally at high standards, you are provided with unlimited spare parts as well as equipment changes according to your request. The tanks are made of reinforced polyester and polyethylene and are resistant to external influences and corrosion. Our company produces 300 lt, 400 lt, 500 lt, 600 lt and 1000 lt machines, TURBO spraying systems, FIELD spraying (boom) systems, WOOD spraying systems and spraying GUN, all kinds of Wood, Cotton, Hops, Tobacco, vineyard spraying as well as disinfection. has been put at your service.


Technicial SpecificationsAT-SB300AT-SB400AT-SB500AT-SB600AT-SB800AT-SB1000
Warehouse Capacitylt3004005006008001000
Pump TypeM-30M-80M-80M-80HS-105HS-105
Pump FlowL/min30808080105105
Max. Pressurebar405050505050
Pump Speedrpm540540540540540540
Spray Arm Lengthmt8-1010-1210-1210-1212-15-1812-15-18