Double Disc Hydraulic Horizontal Mixer Fertilizer Spreader

The double-disc fertilizer spreaders, which are manufactured as hanging (hydraulic) type, are connected to the tractor with a three-point suspension system. Spreaders can be manufactured with hydraulic control. Thanks to the hydraulic control lever, fertilizer discharge from the tractor cabin at the border ends is very easy and unnecessary fertilizer consumption is prevented by closing it quickly. Thanks to the low-speed horizontal mixer in the fertilizer tank, homogeneous fluidity is ensured without breaking and damaging the fertilizer. In this way, the fertilizer; it is distributed more homogeneously to the field and its fluidity is provided more smoothly. The manure spreading working width of the machine can reach 18-36m. There are three types of warehouse capacity as 1000-1200-1500 lt.


Technicial Specifications AT-FTS1000 AT-FTS1200 AT-FTS1500
Warehouse Capacity kg 1000 1200 1500
Working Width m 18-36 18-36 18-36
Height mm 1300 1450 1700
Width mm 1100 1100 1100
Length mm 2250 2250 2250
Weight kg 400 440 485
Number of Distributor Blades adet 2×3 2×3 2×3
Number of Distributor Discs 2 2 2
Required Tractor Power hp 65-80 90-110 90-110