5″ Electric Motor Powered

Electric motor powered auger conveyor is used for grains ( wheat, barley, corn etc.) and also other manure materials such as granule plastic row material and even cement ( with reducer motor). We have there options with these conveyors. Options depend on capacity, maximum conveying high levels and electric motor phase. First option on capacity we have 5 products. The diameter of pipe is starting 114mm-139mm-168mm-192mm-220mm. Second option on maximum conveying high level option we have 5 products as well. The conveyor length is starting 4-6-8-10-12 meters. Third option on electric motor phase options we have two alternatives 220 or 240 volt (in Ø 114mm and Ø 140mm only) and 380 volt. Conveyor height can be adjustable by manually steel rope system.


Technical DimensionsAT-CM 506AT-CM 508AT-CM 5010
Pipe Diameter(inch-mm)5”-1395”-1395”-139
Total Length(mm)6200820010200
Total Width(mm)165016501650
Max. Loading Height(mm)280033503900
Min. Loading Height(mm)200022502400
Capacity (wheat)(T/h)15-2015-2015-20
Total Weight(kg)210270310
Working Cycle(d/d)500500500
Required Motor Power and Phase(hp – V)3 – 220V3 – 220V4 – 220V