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Pneumatic Seed Drills

Pneumatic seed drill can be easily connected to the tractor’s three point hitch system and powered by a cardan shaft connected to the power take-off tractor. The machine is particularly suitable for precision seeding, for multi-purpose use and it is suitable for all kinds of tilled land. The seeding machine is pneumatically operated. The crops such as corn, cotton, sugar, beet, sunflower, chickpea, bean, tomato can be sowed by the special seed discs easily. Pneaumatic seed drill is used especially with the special seed discs and different accessories. And also the interrow distance of the machine is manually adjustable. The operating manuel that includes spare parts list is given to the customer with the machine.

Potato Planter

Potato planter is connected to the tractor’s three-point hitch, which is driven by its own wheel,. The movement which is obtained from the
wheel transmission is sent to the mechanism is transmitted from the moving belt bucket-wheel transmission mechanism. Potato tubes pass through the buckets on the band get the potatoes on them. Tubes with buckets only keep vibration mechanism is provided. Digging tubes with a scratch-standard distances left leg started. The scratch wings closed by the closure over the tubers. A marker assembly takes place on the machine which works by means of a hydraulic piston assembly on the machine.

Seed Drills With Gearbox

Seed Drill is hanged type combined seeding machine that can place the seed and fertilizer in requested amount, depth and in equal line. By en-stringed steel axe type discs seed and fertilizer can be placed in the same depth and germination rate is in maximum level. By special designed gearbox with 3 eccentric that works silently, seed discs can rotate in minimum speed and also the smaller seeds can be placed
smoothly. Besides, by this gearbox, it is possible to sow in requested kg. This machine is manufactured with 16-18-20-22 and 24 discs and the line space is 125 mm. If requested, it can be manufactured as hydraulic persistence system with or without fertilizer. By swallow type harrow string, putting out the soil and covering the soil can be done easily.

Universal Seed Drills

Combined seed drill is a sowing machine that transfers the seed, pulses, feed grains and fertilizer to the seed bed opened by the discs continuously, thanks to the helical sheaves, with the requested quantity and depth with the help of levelling system. Thanks to its structure, the hopper prevents seed and fertilizer to accumulate and therefore, an efficient seeding is performed by protecting bearing with the dusting system using dry system double bearings on the discs and by automatic or hydraulic disc penetration setting, which is performed optionally, that allows easy planting of the seed or fertilizer into the requested depth and it is easy to clean thanks to its discharging levers on each hopper. Besides these standard features of our combined grain seeder, both three-point hitch and arrow system are its standard specifications. It is suitable for planting, seeding and operation with a tractor on all types of soil conditions.

Vegetable Seeder

The precision pneumatic seeder is specially designed for small seeds that are difficult to plant: onion, parsley,lettuce, dill, celery, asparagus, eggplant, tomato, cucumber, chili,okra, peas, soybeans, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, poet’s carnation, chrysanthemum, mustard, saffron, etc. The seeds are sown with a high degree of performance and sensitivity.