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Hydraulic Rotary Cultivators

Hydraulic Slider Rotary Cultivator is used in orchards, greenhouses and vineyards for preparing the seedling seed-beds and hoeing, it is an environment-friendly machine that helps increase the humus content in the soil by incorporating the plant residues and the organic fertilizer into the soil and it does not make it a necessity to begin a chemical weeding by destroying the weeds mechanically.

The working position is adjusted with a hydraulic remote control by the driver of the tractor. The machine is slide to the depths of the vine stocks and trees with an hydraulic piston to the right of the tractor and the inter-row and above-row parts are processed at the same time thus saving the fuel and time.

The transfer of the motion coming from the power-take-off to the blades is made possible with the gear system; in this way, it makes a savings on the power and the fuel in proportion to the chain system.

The option of a variable speed transmission is available.

Inter-row cultivator

The inter-row cultivator can be connected to the tractor with the three-point suspension system. The machine is ideal for hoeing beets, corn, cotton, sunflower, tobacco and vegetables that are sown raw. It saves moisture and provides complete weed control. It adapts to the hoeing depth at the same level even in hilly areas with the help of free mobile units. The inter-row cultivator does 70-80% of the work. It also saves water. It can offer multifunctional calibration for any type of installation.

Inter-row cultivator

The inter-row cultivator with milling machine is a machine which destroys the weeds existing between the rows of plants such as (corn, beetroot, sunflower, cotton, potato, tomato, pepper etc.) which are planted in the rows without damaging plants and thus ensures that plants get adequate nutrients and water from and the soil. Row spacing can be adjusted by sliding the units onto the main frames. The working depth of the units may be different depending on the products and plant space. Thanks to the optional fertilizer box and the furrow opener accessories, the fertilizer that has been dispersed during the hoeing is mixed with the soil evenly and after that this mixture is stacked towards the root of the plant.

Jib Rear Loader

Assistant Grab is used for cleaning manure channels, spreading manure on the ground, transporting soil, gravel, fodder, wood etc. loads easily. Due to the use of special materials in the scraper part, it is possible to scrape and level hard materials such as stones, gravel and soil with the assistant. This feature gives the equipment a longer service life.

Leveling Shovel

This product is used for leveling the soil, constructing field roads, clearing snow-covered roads, cleaning animal shelters and leveling and filling works for many different purposes.

Maize Chopper

The hydraulically mounted type maize chopper is mounted to tractor’s hydraulic lifting unit via universal three point linkage system. Therefore transportation to the field can be easily done. Maize Chopper is an economical machine powered directly by the tractor power-take-off shaft and it operates without straining the tractor with low power and low fuel depletion for long years without any problem. It is able to perform high-quality cutting even at the maximum work speed with its mowing discs that are made from special steel material with a high degree of hardness and that have the automatic grinding unit; in this way, the nutrients of the plants and the water content in the plant are preserved. A cutting plate may be placed inside the cutting mechanism in order to chop particularly dry corn particles. The silage length is determined with the help of the cutting plate that could be adjusted by means of a bolt. It blows the chopped material quickly from inside the discharge pipe towards the trailer due to its strong fan and blower wings on the fan. The discharge pipe can be directed with a remote control without tiring the user. Thanks to its foldable pipe, it easily passes even the lowest places. Mechanical components are protected against overload with the pin cutting safety device.

Mixed Powered Conveyors

PTO Tractor Powered and Electric Motor Powered auger conveyor is used for grains (wheat, barley, corn etc.) We have there options with
these conveyors. Options depend on capacity, maximum conveying high levels and powering of conveyors. First option on capacity we have 3
products. The diameter of pipe is starting 140mm-170mm-200mm. Second option on maximum conveying high level we have products as well. The conveyor length is starting 8-10-12 meters. Third option on powering of conveyors we have new solutions 2 in one. The conveyor can be powered by pto tractor and also powered by electric motor phase 220 or 240 volt ( Ø 140mm only) and 380 volt (in Ø 140mm, Ø 170mm and Ø 200mm) on same product . Conveyor height can be adjustable by manually steel rope system.

Multi-Purpose Mobile Thresher

Multi-purpose mobile thresher makes straw from the harvested stem and makes the stem in to straw. With the duty a help and causes a clean grain storage. Grains like wheat, barley, oat etc. And legumes like beans, broad beans, chickpeas and lentils can be chopped by chancing of just a few apparatuses. It collects the crops into its hopper if the crops must bagged you will be able to bag them and also because of its own hydraulic lifting system you can deliver crops which are collected in to a hopper to a trailer. The straw is blown to tractor pulled at the back of the Bator type multi-purpose harvester the new type has been designed on the base of working in mobile conditions while it is chopping the product has the ability of delivering the cleaned grain in to its hopper so there is no need for collecting the harvested stem together and work it out stationery it now saves from labor and more important from time.

Offset Disc-Harrow

Off Set Disc Harrow is a light type disc harrow having the capability to be used with both towed and hydraulic. It is used to mix the seed bed breaking up the clods after plow and mixing in the soil. It smashed the plant residues and weeds in a perfect manner. It breaks the upper crust on the surface of the soil. It never results ridging on the soil in the middle of machining like the disc harrows in Tandem(x) form. It can be used at any angle by means of automatic arching system and locking system with spring. Thanks to add-on disc group, you can cultivate your field without opening the furrow hole and without wasting time and effort for closing these holes during the cultivation of soil.

Pitting Auger

Earth auger (pit drilling) machine is used for opening pits used for many purposes such as electric poles, tree pits.

It can give the desired result in the shortest time with its excellent performance on sloping and bumpy lands with a 3-point suspension connection system, which is produced to work in hard and heavy soil terrain conditions. It allows you to work flexibly and comfortably with the balance scale system located between the chassis part and the gearbox.

In addition, while working with the machine, it ensures that the pit is opened flat according to the condition of the land. A pit of 150 cm depth and 80 cm diameter can be opened without any problems.

Pneumatic Seed Drills

Pneumatic seed drill can be easily connected to the tractor’s three point hitch system and powered by a cardan shaft connected to the power take-off tractor. The machine is particularly suitable for precision seeding, for multi-purpose use and it is suitable for all kinds of tilled land. The seeding machine is pneumatically operated. The crops such as corn, cotton, sugar, beet, sunflower, chickpea, bean, tomato can be sowed by the special seed discs easily. Pneaumatic seed drill is used especially with the special seed discs and different accessories. And also the interrow distance of the machine is manually adjustable. The operating manuel that includes spare parts list is given to the customer with the machine.