Tractor Powered Conveyor

PTO Tractor Powered auger conveyor is used for grains (wheat, barley, corn etc.) We have two options with these conveyors. Options depend on capacity, maximum conveying high levels. First option on capacity we have 2 products. The diameter of pipe is starting 168mm-192mm. Second option on maximum conveying high level we have products as well. The conveyor length is starting 8-10 meters. Conveyor height can be adjustable by manually steel rope system.


Technical DimensionsAT-CS 608AT-CS 6010AT-CS 708AT-CS 7010
Pipe Diameter(inch-mm)6” – 1686” – 1687”-1927”-192
Total Length(mm)820010200820010200
Total Width(mm)1650165016501650
Max. Loading Height(mm)3350390033503900
Min. Loading Height(mm)2250240022502400
Capacity (Wheat)(T/ h)25-3025-3045-5045-50
Total Weight(kg)300330300330
Working Cycle(d/d)600600500500
Tractor PTO Speed(d/d)540540540540