Electronic Dosing Fertilizer Spreader

Control General Introduction: Electronic Dosing Fertilizer Spreader is an automated machine that will maximize your fertilizer spreading performance and enable you to make a homogeneous and controlled spread. In addition to its mechanical improvements, the device works completely compatible with your tractor thanks to its electronic support, helping to lighten your workload in the field. After entering the product, field and tractor information you will spread into the device, the device automatically calibrates itself. After this calibration process, you can load the fertilizer into the machine and start the spreading process. Thanks to the automatic weighing feature on the device, you can weigh the fertilizer you want to load directly on the device, without using any additional agricultural equipment. Thanks to its high-speed electronic equipment, the device provides instantaneous reactions to sudden changes in tractor speed in difficult working conditions, ensuring that the spreader openings are accurate every second. You can define the appropriate settings for you with the remote control on the device and view the operations taking place on the machine while performing the spreading process.


Warehouse capacity kg 1000 1200 1500
working width m 18-36 18-36 18-36
Height mm 1460 1610 1700
Width mm 1100 1100 1830
Length mm 2200 2200 2200
Weight kg 420 460 500
Number of Distributor Wings adet 2×3 2×3 2×3
Number of Distributor Discs adet 2 2 2
Required Tractor Power hp 65-80 90-110 90-110